Ben Franklin Circles are small conversation clubs inspired by Ben Franklin’s “junto” or “club for mutual improvement.” Circles meet regularly to explore the idea of civic virtue – using discussion topics like justice, order, generosity and empathy as windows into improving our individual lives and the world.


Although Ben Franklin Circles were originally designed to bring people together face-to-face, the Circles are now a powerful tool to stay connected during our current period of social distancing.  Check-in with the people in your life in a meaningful way and find new opportunities to support one another and the community during these uncertain times.


We provide a suite of tools and personal guidance to help anyone, anywhere start a virtual Circle.

If you’re interested, please:

  • Read and download our toolkit. It will walk you through how to invite people to your Circle and structure your meetings.
  • Consult our digital guidance on choosing the right digital platform and running an online meeting.
  • Email us for a one-on-one coaching session with the BFC team to help you get started.
  • Attend one of our upcoming Ben Franklin Circle Open Houses on Zoom where you can ask questions, meet others interested in the project and learn from some of our current BFC hosts.

And, if you have any questions, please reach out to


You can read more about the Ben Franklin Circles project in The New Yorker and The Wall Street Journal.


Also, check out the profiles of hosts around the country who have started their own Circles.


Hope you will join us!