Are you practicing the virtue of Temperance? Here are some questions to ask yourself and your Circle as you get started.

Franklin’s definition:
“Eat not to dullness and drink not to elevation.”


1. Some psychologists say that self-control diminishes as the day goes on—so, we are strong in the morning but weaker at night. Does this ring true to you? Others say that self-control is like a muscle—that the more you exercise it, the more it grows? Has that been your experience?


2. Describe a moment when you wish you had better temperance/self-control. Is temperance difficult for you? Why?


3. Is temperance an important virtue for the community? Why? What are the community consequences if people are weak or strong on temperance?


4. Should temperance be imposed (as it was during the Temperance Movement), or should people be left on their own to cultivate this virtue?


5. In our modern era, could we benefit from more “digital temperance”?