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Ben Franklin Circles are small groups of people that come together to discuss Franklin’s 13 civic virtues and how we can use them to improve ourselves and build stronger communities.


Since we launched in 2016, we regularly hear from Circle hosts who describe the Circles as a “lifeline” for people in their community, a way of, “staying connected to our neighbors, coming back to the things we [do] have control over.” Also, the conversations are fun and unique and surprising.


We think the Circles are more important than ever. In our divided times, they are a way to bring people together and rally around the positive change they can make in their lives and communities.


We want to seed Circle conversations in communities around the country, creating opportunities to choose curiosity, conversation and connection.


We’re hopeful we can reach 1,000 Circle conversations by Election Day, November 6th, 2018.


We’d love for you partner with us in this effort and host a Circle conversation. We believe the Ben Franklin Circles are a fun (and easy!) way to counter the narrative of division with one of connected community power.


Three easy steps:

  • Convene a group of 5 to 10 people.
  • Pick one of  Franklin’s 13 virtues.
  • Discuss how this virtue can help us do good in our lives and in the world


Find a toolkit for a one time BFC meeting here


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